Frank Gore seen sporting a dead Miami Dolphin on his sweatshirt

Before entering Sunday’s contest, the Fins were 5-7, and had pretty much solidified their chances of not making the playoffs. They’ve struggled all season long, and anyone with half a brain has seen it. On the other hand, the Niners were 8-3-1 and barring a signficant turn of events will cruise into the playoffs with no problem. Their defense is league leading in some categories, and their offense is having their best season since Steve Young and Jerry Rice played in “The Stick.” It goes without saying Vegas had San Francisco as one of the two largest spreads leading into the game. Being a Dolphin fan, I wasn’t too excited to head into Candlestick Park to watch the trouncing that my beloved Dolphins were likely going to endure.

I was however somewhat jazzed up because the 49ers have always been a fun team to watch, and since entering the league in 2005, Frank Gore has been one of my favorite running backs (and perhaps all around players) to watch. And now that I’ve relocated to San Francisco, I’ve become an even bigger fan of the beast.

But then he decided to take an unnecessary jab at the Dolphins for no apparent reason by wearing this ridiculously absurd hooded sweatshirt. What’s more, he had to have purchased the shirt prior to the game assuming a 49er victory.

What’s with the hoodie, Frank?

Miami and the 49ers have never had any beef on or off the field, and there wasn’t any trash talking leading up to the game on Sunday. You two teams seldom play each other, so Lord knows you couldn’t possibly be rivals, either. Furthermore, aren’t you from Miami? Didn’t you grow up there and go to school at The U? And as much as I hate to get catty, you didn’t play all that well, and your team didn’t win convincingly; so your shenanigans couldn’t be seen as a boastful representation of your dominance.

I can only hope you’re on your way to creating your own line of clothing. A clothing line that has depicts the dead mascot of each team the Niners beat. At least then there will be some comedic value behind your idiotic behavior.


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