November 29, 2012

A supermassive black hole (and no, not the song by Muse from the Twilight Soundtrack) has been discovered by astronomers in a galaxy called NGC 1277. The black hole is possibly the largest of its kind with a mass of nearly 17 billion suns. ||| RIM stocks open today at $12.30, up nearly 12% from yesterday, behind an upgrade from Goldman Sachs. ||| Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who penned the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has been appointed Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee for the upcoming Congress to begin in January 2013. ||| Own a restaurant? There’s finally an elegant way for you to build beautiful (and more importantly, usable) websites.

November 28, 2012

After announcing it nearly 6 months ago, Apple finally starts rolling out actual reasons to use their new Passbook application. ||| Amazon™ has mastered the virtual web server. Will they slowly out Google as the go-to Maps API? ||| Nokia argues that RIM is in breach of a patent and contractual agreement between the two. Even though RIM’s stock has been soaring, what will come of their sales in the near future? ||| B.J. Upton is leaving the Rays, and is on his way to Hotlanta for a meager $15M a year… what is he thinking?

November 27, 2012

Richard Williamson is being rerouted away from Apple. The iOS6 Maps overseer has been reportedly fired by Eddy Cue. ||| In a story sadder than when my neighbors forgot to water my Husky on a 112 degreed day, the world welcomed Hashtag Jameson into the world last Saturday at 10:00 pm. ||| Get out of my dreams; get into my car. Siri will make her way into several Chevy models in 2013. Apple’s iCar may not be too far away. ||| The world is up in arms regarding the trajedies in Syria, but no one seems to care about the people in Congo.

November 20, 2012

Computer security guru John McAfee is losing his mind, or is he? While out on the lam, his blog The Hinterland surfaces and lends journalists “his” side of the story. ||| While McAfee is running around the jungle, Google is adding Cherokee, its 57th language to Gmail. ||| Elmo disappointed. Elmo saaaaaaad. Longtime puppeteer and voice actor of Sesame Street’s Elmo resigned this morning amid sex allegations involving minors. ||| Be careful what you Tweet for; up to 10,000 people could be sued for libel due to an erroneous Retweet about a former Tory politician being a child molester.

November 19, 2012

San Francisco based innovation company Frog unveils The Wire, an interconnected network of Gondolas used to shuttle civilians from one spot to the next. ||| Freddie Mac can’t get rid of his houses fast enough. Mortgage rates fall to yet another “record” low this morning. ||| On a related note, Michael Corbett, author of Before You Buy! urges new home buyers to, “wake up and smell the coffee.” Corbett claims that one of the best ways to stretch a real estate dollar is to buy/invest in fringe neighborhood housing. ||| Tell us how you really feel, Mark? “Facebook is an alternative to boredom… it’s a time waster.” Cuban’s feelings toward the social media giant come out.

November 17, 2012

Fan found dead in a creek after the Bills vs Dolphins TNF game. What the hell happened up in Buffalo, NY on Thursday evening? ||| Will we be going to Mars now that Curiosity found radiation levels to be safe for humans? ||| Jon Evans is still holding strong to his prediction that Facebook will fall… someday. ||| Microsoft™ is still unable to follow web trends, however this time they are following standards and may be the ones in the right.

Cozy’s neighboring building catches fire

A few weeks ago whilst pushing pixels around my Photoshop™ canvas, my nares were alerted to the faint smell of smoke. I paid no mind as it very well could have been some hoodlums outside of the window and a few floors down smoking cigarettes.

But, as I sat there quietly adjusting bezier curves, the smell grew increasingly strong. Then, out of nowhere, sirens.

My Cozy-mates and I rushed to the rooftop only to discover the building next door was ablaze. Fortunately no one was hurt, but it did make for an eery, yet beautiful scene.


Freebies – #F57a59 user-interface kit


I have been infatuated with the color #F57a59 as of late. (can you tell by the new blog?) So, the other day I figured it only pertinent that I create a UI full of buttons, sliders, and inputs using the color.

What I came up with can be found in the screenshot below. Feel free to download the kit for use in any of your projects, or just to tinker around with the layer styles. Enjoy!


Where is the case conversion tool for the Mac Menu Bar?

Little Ipsum is a wonderfully simple tool created by Dustin Senos. It unobtrusively sits in your Mac Menu Bar and provides you with preset amounts of Lorem Ipsum with the click of a mouse, making grabbing a chunk of text for a mock-up easier than ever. I use this handy-dandy application on the regs, copying and pasting text multiple times a day.

Though Little Ipsum is a great tool for generating just the right amount text, what if you happened to want that text to be all UPPERCASE? Or what if Title Case Text Suited Your Needs A Bit Better?

The way I’ve always worked (and I’m sure there’s a better way) is to have Adobe Illustrator™ open while designing so that I can take advantage its powerful type tool. Though perfectly doable, it does present a bit of a problem when then pasting back into a program like Photoshop™ as the styles and formatting are retained from Illustrator.


February 8, 2013

I was born, 31 years ago.

That is all.

Oh shit, I almost forgot – I drove the shit out of a NASCAR today. 130 (or so) around a track, 12 times. Talk about a boner.