January 28, 2013

Apple is reportedly prepping a 128GB version of the fourth-generation iPad. Tim Cook is seemingly trying to phase out the desktop/laptop computer. ||| Vine, the new video-sharing application recently purchased by Twitter is already having an issue with NSFW content and pornography. Today, a Vine editor chose a video called “Dildoplay” as an editor pick, sending the video to thousands of users within the social network. ||| TaskRabbit launched a business dashboard today, aimed at companies looking for temp workers for the popular Austin festival, South by Southwest. ||| It’s no secret video on the web has greatly improved over the last few years. Today, the H.265 codec was approved by the International Telecommunication Union.

Oh, and Bethany and I are heading to the Muse concert this evening in Oakland. I saw them with a friend a few years ago in Phoenix, and it remains to this day one of the top three concerts I’ve ever attended.

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