January 18, 2013

Ryan Leaf has been sent to a Montana state prison after threatening a staff member at the drug treatment center he’d been staying at for several months. ||| Lance Armstrong officially admitted to the public yesterday on Oprah’s network that he had been doping and using performance enhancing drugs during each of his Tour de France wins. Ironically, “What Am I On,” a 2001 Nike commercial has resurfaced now that the question has been answered. Hey Lance, just a heads-up, the internet never forgets. ||| Typographers of the world, Typefacts.com has released officially released the best fonts of 2012. Head on over here to see which ones made the cut! ||| Fast Company claims Kevin Rose is still “The Zen Master of Silicon Valley Chatter.” And why shouldn’t he be? His track record both creating and investing in companies is fantastic.

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