February 8, 2014

It’s my birthday today. Yippee…

I’ve never been uber-keen on birthdays. To me, they’re just another day – God, I’m such a pessimist. Fortunately, I married a woman who apparently feels the birthday is the most important day of the year for its recipient.

This year, my dearest wife not only bought me a home brewing kit, but she also took me on a five-hour whiskey and IPA cruise throughout the city. We rode the F-train through San Francisco, while sipping beers from Bryan and Pacific Labs, and drinking whiskey from Seven Stills (which was coincidentally brewed from Bryan’s beer). It was legen… wait for it… dary.

But she didn’t stop there. After our one and only food/bathroom break, everyone boarded the train to head back to the Castro. Shortly after boarding, 50 strangers started singing happy birthday in unison. The brewers and hosts came by and wished me a happy birthday, along with a number of other patrons who were there to enjoy themselves, not me. But for 2 minutes everyone was there to say happy birthday. It was incredible. I actually teared up a bit. I have never felt anything like it.

Last year Beth (and the rest of my family) got me a NASCAR. I drove that fucker 12 laps at a speed that is incomprehensible. I didn’t think she’d ever top that, until she got a bus full of strangers singing happy birthday.

I’m so stoked I married you, babe. I love you.Thanks for everything.


  • Jillian says:

    Way to go Bethany!!! So glad to hear your birthday was such an amazing one!! Sounds like the perfect gift/ day!! She’s one thoughtful girl…. Nice work! Love you guys!

  • MomPie says:

    I am reading this and tearing up—Iam reading what you wrote to your amazing wife! I love watching my children and their”loves”–it brings me such delight and hope!! Thanks Beth for bringing back “the birthday of his dreams” to Scraps, as a little boy he was ALL ABOUT BIRTHDAYS!!! So glad the pessimist got in touch with his “inner child”!!!! Love you both. MomPie

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