April 13, 2015

Some scumbag son-of-a-bitch made off with my brand new Triumph Street Triple R last night. Parked on Pacific St., just between Buchanan and Webster. I’d parked it there for the two weeks I had it. She sat amongst multiple other bikes and scooters.

I’m not entirely sure what drives people to steal from others; especially something as personal as a motorcycle. It’s not like a CD player or iPod, or a phone taken from a car. The pain is far greater, and the inconvenience you’re put through is much more significant.

Here’s to hoping that the world will one day be void of the filth that is capable of committing acts like these.

I hope we’re reunited again soon ol’ girl. If not, I hope he at least treated you with enough decency to give you one last hurrah before likely scrapping you for parts (ugh).

You’ll be missed. I wish we could have had more time together.


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