The power of music on our memory

I need to send these when I think of them so I make sure I remember them.

1. Good Times, Rolling Stones, on the Out of Our Heads album.  The song was originally done by the great Sam Cooke but, of course this Stones’ version was the first I ever heard in 1965 when this album came out.  I was 12 and you don’t get a more funky, mellow song than this.  Clearly the Stones started as lovers of American R& B and if I didn’t know that in 1965, I sure felt it.

2.. The power of music on our memory.   Paul McCartney issues the album RAM in May of 1971 which is his second solo album (most of us while listening are still hoping the Beatles aren’t serious about breaking up).  That same summer my mom is driving a dark green 1971 Olds 88 which, while not a Cadillac, is still a very luxurious car with great blue and green soft dash lights at night.  I can remember squiring your mother around the DC area that summer and borrowing Mom’s car was a real treat.  Anyhow, whenever I hear Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (as I did earlier this week), I am right back in that car in the summer of 1971.  It never ceases to amaze me how music does that.

3. A GREAT album that I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned:  Pictures At An Exhibition by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  NOT the various live versions they’ve done but the actual album (which may actually have been live even though it sounds studio).  In any event, it’s something (like Tommy by the Who) that has to be listened to from start to finish (so set aside 40 minutes before you start listening).  Great, great musicianship, voice of Greg Lake, wonderful lyrics on the songs that HAVE lyrics and many, many mood and style changes as you go through it.

LOVE YOU and Lady Beth (and Rumor).   Stay safe and tell me what you think… LOVE YOU GUYS.

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