Stephen Stills and Neil Young

OK, because I listened to the radio today………….

Imagine, Christmas, 1968 and another care package of music has arrived from my sister back in the good ole’ USA.

One of the albums is a compilation by ATCO called “Super Groups”. Two songs are by a band called “Buffalo Springfield”……………………..”Mr. Soul” and “Bluebird”, two of my favorite songs to this day because I played the shit out of everything my sister sent me in the wasteland. I had seen Buffalo Springfield on a TV show one time before I left the States and only remembered that one of the guitarists was wearing a white cowboy hat (Stephen Stills). I’ll be that cowboy guy is why there’s a banjo (banjo????? WTF?????) at the end of “Bluebird”. See, back then without the Internet we didn’t know who any of them were so imagine listening to those songs for the first time and not having any clue that “Mr. Soul” features Neil Young and “Bluebird” is the baby of Stephen Stills? It’s just damn good music (even with that banjo!)

And while checking out THAT good music, give a listen to the long version (19 minutes?) of “Get Ready” by Rare Earth.

Love you MY MAIN MAN…….say hi to Lady Beth.

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