Musings from Pops … how about some Gimme Shelter

I’ve heard of the Eels but don’t have anything by them.  Will listen to your link as soon as I get my computer speakers running again.

On the way home from lunch I was listening to Gimme Shelter by the Stones.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it but in case I haven’t, the verse sung by Merry Clayton (right out of the guitar solo) is to die for.  The way her voice cracks in two places……………………….orgasmic.  Speaking of Merry, if you haven’t seen a very, very good documentary called “Twenty Feet From Stardom” you need to .  Merry is in it along with many other unsung backup singers from the 60s (most notably Darlene Love who I understand just issued a solo album recently).  Very, very good movie about that aspect of the business.

Love you my man.  Oh, one more thing I love about music.  Yesterday I heard a song on the radio and immediately thought “that’s Humble Pie, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it”.  Well no, onion breath, that’s the Faces (who I mostly missed back in the 60s until Rod Stewart joined them along with Ron Wood).  But I immediately knew why I made the mistake.  The late, great Steve Marriott was the leader and prime vocalist of both the original Faces and later, Humble Pie (with Peter Frampton), so, as usual, the vocals are the deciding sound.

Tell Lady Beth, Rumor and the little one (he/she, gay or straight) hello.   Love you.

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