Fire – I love this song

Speaking of Carl Palmer:  Check out “Fire” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown;  pretty big hit in 1969 although Arthur was more of a weird novelty act.  Anyway that’s Carl on the drums right before he joined Emerson and Lake.  I believe Carl was also with a band called Atomic Rooster although after all these years I can’t say I’ve ever listened to a thing by them.  Greg Lake had a pretty good run with King Crimson (Robert Fripp’s band)  Fripp is a great guitarist and Lake’s vocal style is instantly recognizable.

Speaking of music, had a great time in Holdrege last night with Al Stewart and Dave Nachmanoff.  Two very good guitarists and of course, Stewart is a master lyricist.  Nice intimate setting with a lot of banter and explanation of song meanings.  Very, very nice.

Love you my main man and tell Lady Beth, Rumor and the little one hello.

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