Web design

Put the visual design details on hold – focus on the details driving user experience

Jason Fried, (co-founder of 37Signals,¬†creators of Basecamp) recently wrote an article titled, Ignore Details Early On. Six months ago I would have scrolled down the page and typed the word “balderdash” into the comments area, despite Jason’s reputation and experience in comparison to mine. Hopefully it wouldn’t have been taken with malicious intent, but simply out of disagreement with his opinion. A disagreement because I had always focused very closely on the visual details in my work, priding myself on pixel-perfection all along the way. But then I gave it some more thought and realized he wasn’t talking about designing an application, willy-nilly; he was talking about designing a successful application.


The new Myspace – holy futuristic social network Batman

After watching the promotional video on their homepage, I quickly developed an immense amount of anticipation for the the new Myspace. Well, wait no further, I received my invite a couple days ago. Anxious to see what exactly they’ve done, I hightailed it to the couch, grabbed the laptop, and clicked on the “confirm invite” link in my email.

What I was greeted with was an absolutely beautiful user-interface, complete with clean lines, well-chosen typefaces, and a very unique horizontal scrolling timeline. Interestingly enough, I had a initially wanted to implement horizontal scrolling for Gifft.Me, a side project I’m designing. However, I was quickly talked out of it by the engineers building it after a brief explanation that Internet Explorer didn’t have an elegant way of allowing this functionality to be easy to use. But, I digress.