February 15, 2013

The meteorite Nasa predicted would come incredibly close to Earth, actually came much closer than scientists expected. Today, it exploded over Russia causing a 10 kiloton explosion that injured roughly 1,100 people.

In other news, HOLY SHIT. Dribbble just called Cozy, the project of the day.

Cozy was featured in The Oregonian, and Urban Turf.

Our good friend Rob gets antiqued pretty badly.

Everyone has that friend that when drinking passes out first. And everybody has the friend who (when they pass out) passes out really hard. For me and my buddies, those friends are one person. Rob. That’s right, he does both. And he does both well.

One night, Andrew got the idea to antique Rob. I wish I could say that it was my idea, but it wasn’t. This is the result of antiquing Rob. Bless his heart.