Things I wish existed

Where is the email client with forward and back buttons for quicker navigation

Right now I’m using Sparrow and am convinced that it’s the best native client out there for OSX. Sparrow is extremely fast, intuitive, and best of all, it incorporates a number of Gmail’s shortcuts making it easy to use right out of the box. Speaking of right out of the box, Sparrow set the precedent for easy account setup within email clients.

But this post isn’t about what email client is best, it’s about what all email clients in my experience are missing. Forward and back buttons so that I can quickly get back to messages I was just viewing. Has this been done before? I haven’t seen it on the market, and I’ve tried and used several (if not every) email client out there for Mac. Has an application I quit using implemented it in recent versions?


Where is the case conversion tool for the Mac Menu Bar?

Little Ipsum is a wonderfully simple tool created by Dustin Senos. It unobtrusively sits in your Mac Menu Bar and provides you with preset amounts of Lorem Ipsum with the click of a mouse, making grabbing a chunk of text for a mock-up easier than ever. I use this handy-dandy application on the regs, copying and pasting text multiple times a day.

Though Little Ipsum is a great tool for generating just the right amount text, what if you happened to want that text to be all UPPERCASE? Or what if Title Case Text Suited Your Needs A Bit Better?

The way I’ve always worked (and I’m sure there’s a better way) is to have Adobe Illustrator™ open while designing so that I can take advantage its powerful type tool. Though perfectly doable, it does present a bit of a problem when then pasting back into a program like Photoshop™ as the styles and formatting are retained from Illustrator.