On This Day

March 15th, 2019

Linden Diane was born today at 5:28pm. She was 7lbs 11oz, and mom and her are doing wonderfully.


Welcome to this beautiful world Lindy Sue.

May 17, 2018

The active volcanos on Hawaii’s big island continue erupting, today’s being one of the more violent episodes.

Hawaii volcano eruption: Latest pictures of Kilauea volcano eruption http://shr.gs/a7PBwAe

March 1, 2017

It’s official, we closed on our house today! Benton, Beth and I will move into the beauty below toward the middle of the month. I couldn’t be more excited about it, the neighborhood, and getting to watch the Man grow up in this part of the world.


February 23, 2017

Benton had his first dentist appointment today. He loved running around the office, but he wasn’t really about that “let me check your teeth”, life.


January 7, 2017

We went under contract on a new home today … we close March 1st, assuming all goes according to plan!

October 15, 2016

With rain pouring down and a full U-Haul truck and trailer, Beth, Benton and I said goodbye to San Francisco and observed it in our rearview mirror as we drove over the Bay Bridge for the last time as residents of California.

It was a wonderful almost five years in the Bay, and while we both met a ton of wonderful people, we’re both ready for the next chapter in life.

Thanks for everything San Francisco – we’ll try to keep in touch – you will be missed.

IMG_0973 IMG_0974

October 6, 2016

Benton turned one today – it’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since this little guy blessed our lives.

We were lucky enough to have a sizable group of friends join us in San Francisco before we said goodbye to the beautiful city.

IMG_0876 IMG_0886 IMG_0892

And we had a great turnout from our families visit Denver a few short days after our arrival.

IMG_1061 IMG_1062

August 16, 2016

Ugh, you officially caught your first case of pink eye. Mom took you to see Sara and sure enough, she confirmed it. I don’t think I’ve ever had conjunctivitis, so I can’t say that I know what you’re going through. What I can say is how awesome it is to see you still smiling, laughing, and running around despite your beautiful eyeballs being nearly glued shut.

Here’s to hoping the eyedrops you hate nip it in the bud and it doesn’t last too long.

Love you buddy,


August 6 and 7, 2016

One of the best things I’ve ever seen; you in a backpack, strapped to your mother’s (and my) back.

We hadn’t been to Yosemite yet, despite having lived in the great state of California for over four years. We figured there’s no better time to see it than an impromptu trip in August.

We were wrong. Not only are the waterfalls not nearly as spectacular, but it’s also remarkably hot. Something that you took exception to (I don’t blame you, you run hot like your old man).

Despite that though, you were a champion, the whole trip, with ne’er a cry or peep, and Yosemite was still as beautiful as I imagined it. Below are a few pics. I’m sure you’ll see the entire album at some point when you’re older when your mother or I show you those boooooring family trips and such when you were a babe.

Love you buddy,


My two favorite things. Me and you making faces at each other in a meadow. A hoard of Chinese tourists who couldn't get enough of you. :) Yosemite Falls. That hair, so sweaty, and so hot. Why not cool off with a pickle? You, laughing it up on mom's back. You. Were. Tuckered. Out.

July 28, 2016

Mixpanel had their annual summer BBQ today. It was a blast, and you were a hit (as usual).

Love you buddy,


Zak and you having a chit-chat. You're always so happy. (c)KimSayre-Mixpanel-Picnic-137 All of us :)

February 18, 2016

Hey duder,

Today you made a joint art project with the rest of the Pond Koi. I may be a bit biased, but your piece of it is definitely the best.

Love you buddy, Dad.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 5.05.51 PM

February 17, 2016

Hey Buddy,

You missed the music session today cause you were sleeping, which is totally understandable. You’ve been a bit stuffy and under the weather as of late. Being around all of those other little ones has got your immune system all outta whack.

After you woke up, the teachers said you hung out on your tummy for a bit while you explored the instruments. You’re learning so much. I’m proud of you little man. Mom and I will see you in a bit.

Love, Dad.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.37.07 PM

February 14, 2016

It was Benton’s first Valentine’s Day. The awesome teachers over at the day care had all of the kids make presents for their parents. Here’s what Benton made for me and Beth. On the back it says, “I love you mom and dad.”

I love you too, Benton. So much.


February 12, 2016

This week was Benton’s second at Bright Horizon’s day care. He’s adjusting well and seems to really enjoy being around the other kids. Each day they have him doing something a new to help them with development. Today Celsa helped him play with the Dot Dot Marker. #MELTING

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.46.08 PM

December 26, 2015

We started off the day visiting the Winchester Mansion in San Jose. What a fascinating lady and place.

We then took Benton to his first Huskers game today in Santa Clara, CA. Nebraska squared off against UCLA in the Foster Farms bowl. After a poor showing in the first quarter going down 21-7, Nebraska stormed back and dominated the rest of the game, scoring 30 unanswered points to win 37-29.


9593_10105760908305471_4811769501804931979_n 10172833_10105760912816431_6591424992700324953_n 10441378_10102294921037248_5339901885555372713_nIMG_7160 IMG_7161

October 6, 2015

Benton Richard Jorgensen was born today, at 6:03 pm at the California Pacific Medical Center on California St. in San Francisco, CA.




June 24, 2015

I woke up to find my second motorcycle was stolen. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to really dislike the stress of living in this city.

June 14, 2015

I felt our little baby through Beth’s stomach for the first time today. I’m not sure if it was a kick, or her bumping into the cushioned walls of her comfy little home, but I felt it on three separate occasions.

It was pretty surreal.

June 13, 2015

I visited New York today for the first time. Okay, technically the second, but the first time I was only in the city for a few short hours while waiting for a train to Connecticut. The flight was good and we arrived safely, but we were supposed to be here this morning at 8am instead of 6pm today, but because we arrived at the airport 6 short minutes past the baggage check time, they wouldn’t allow us on the plane. Pretty incredible, all things considered (it was a red-eye, we were the only people in the terminal, <a href=”https://medium.com/this-happened-to-me/thank-you-from-30-000-feet-2df5cae0eaf1″ target=”_blank”>Virgin America usually has such great customer service</a>, I could go on … ).

Eh, so it goes. First world problems, AMIRITE?

I’ll be working the entire week up here from <a href=”https://www.wework.com/locations/new-york-city/fidi” target=”_blank”>Mixpanel’s New York office</a> at 85 Broad St. in the financial district.┬áTime to see what a week in the life of a New Yorker is like.

More to come I’m sure.

May 8, 2015

Holy Toledo-fish. Today we announced to the Facebook, Twitter (etc…) world that we were having a babe.


May 6, 2015

I have to save this for personal reasons. The chances of this happening again, are slim-to-none. Partially because it was the first game ever played, but also because Pops’ intelligence is unrivaled – most of the time.FullSizeRender

April 29, 2015

We heard the baby’s heartbeat today for the first time. Well, I heard it for the first time, Beth heard it in Montana. It was pretty surreal and definitely made things a lot more real.

Here’s a pic of the ultrasound. I can’t wait to meet you little bugger.


April 13, 2015

Some scumbag son-of-a-bitch made off with my brand new Triumph Street Triple R last night. Parked on Pacific St., just between Buchanan and Webster. I’d parked it there for the two weeks I had it. She sat amongst multiple other bikes and scooters.

I’m not entirely sure what drives people to steal from others; especially something as personal as a motorcycle. It’s not like a CD player or iPod, or a phone taken from a car. The pain is far greater, and the inconvenience you’re put through is much more significant.

Here’s to hoping that the world will one day be void of the filth that is capable of committing acts like these.

I hope we’re reunited again soon ol’ girl. If not, I hope he at least treated you with enough decency to give you one last hurrah before likely scrapping you for parts (ugh).

You’ll be missed. I wish we could have had more time together.


July 16, 2014

AirBNB, the popular hospitality brand redesigned their logo and released it to the public (or should I say pubic, LOL?) today. I see at least three different images, and none of them are good.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.45.43 AM

April 9, 2014

Ellie Grace was born today at 6:02 pm. She’s a healthy 7 lbs 15 ounces, and 20 inches long. She’s one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen.

Congratulations Sarah and Eric!


March 1, 2014

I took Pops to the final Stadium Series game at Soldier Field in Chicago today. It was minus 3 degrees with the windchill, and it snowed 4-6 inches during the game alone. It was one of the greatest experiences ever, and surprisingly, with the layers we had on, it wasn’t nearly as cold as I imagined it would be.

Merry Christmas Pops.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.51.57 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.52.27 PM

February 19, 2014

You’ve gotta be kidding me… Zuckerberg is either the most intelligent person on planet Earth, or the dumbest. The Facebook CEO recently announced that they’d be acquiring the mobile messaging app, WhatsApp for 16 Billion (with a big B).

Ironically, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton was denied a job at Facebook back in 2009 when he applied.

Whether Zuck is an idiot or not is yet to be determined. One thing’s for sure though; go start building a messaging app.

February 8, 2014

It’s my birthday today. Yippee…

I’ve never been uber-keen on birthdays. To me, they’re just another day – God, I’m such a pessimist. Fortunately, I married a woman who apparently feels the birthday is the most important day of the year for its recipient.

This year, my dearest wife not only bought me a home brewing kit, but she also took me on a five-hour whiskey and IPA cruise throughout the city. We rode the F-train through San Francisco, while sipping beers from Bryan and Pacific Labs, and drinking whiskey from Seven Stills (which was coincidentally brewed from Bryan’s beer). It was legen… wait for it… dary.

But she didn’t stop there. After our one and only food/bathroom break, everyone boarded the train to head back to the Castro. Shortly after boarding, 50 strangers started singing happy birthday in unison. The brewers and hosts came by and wished me a happy birthday, along with a number of other patrons who were there to enjoy themselves, not me. But for 2 minutes everyone was there to say happy birthday. It was incredible. I actually teared up a bit. I have never felt anything like it.

Last year Beth (and the rest of my family) got me a NASCAR. I drove that fucker 12 laps at a speed that is incomprehensible. I didn’t think she’d ever top that, until she got a bus full of strangers singing happy birthday.

I’m so stoked I married you, babe. I love you.Thanks for everything.