Just because

Ganesha, the Hindu God recreated by using hair, clay, and a mannequin head

Recently my sister began attending cosmetology school in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of their most recent projects was to choose a person or figure to create using a bald mannequin head, and supplies they were able to find. She had a few days to think about what she was going to create, and gather her tools and items needed to fabricate her figure.

Over the last decade or so, she has developed a keen interest in eastern psychology and spirituality. I can relate with her; for a few semesters in college, I studied eastern psychology, with an emphasis in Buddhism. There’s a wonderful peace and balance within it.


Cozy’s neighboring building catches fire

A few weeks ago whilst pushing pixels around my Photoshop™ canvas, my nares were alerted to the faint smell of smoke. I paid no mind as it very well could have been some hoodlums outside of the window and a few floors down smoking cigarettes.

But, as I sat there quietly adjusting bezier curves, the smell grew increasingly strong. Then, out of nowhere, sirens.

My Cozy-mates and I rushed to the rooftop only to discover the building next door was ablaze. Fortunately no one was hurt, but it did make for an eery, yet beautiful scene.